The purpose of establishing a Standard for ACDA Members and you as the Consumer is to provide governance in the provision, installation and support of air conditioning systems.

The Standard sets a benchmark in the Industry and ensures you receive excellent value for money, an economical system and a correctly engineered product backed by after-sales service and support.

The ACDA standards dictate that all members must provide showroom sales, back up service departments and engineering design and construction when it comes to the provision of air conditioning systems.

An ACDA member will visit your home, analyse your needs and provide you with a home air conditioning solution that will meet your individual requirements and budget. They will install and service a range of quality products from split system units, complex ducted air conditioning designs to inverter systems that will create a comfortable and energy efficient environment for you and your family.

    1. Suggest alternatives if appropriate. If requested, provide indicative pricing for each.
    2. Recommend the system type to be used.
    3. Determine required equipment capacity using an approved calculation method.
    4. Provide a quotation including:
    • Calculated capacity, required to meet the heating and cooling requirements.
    • Description of the system or manufacturers literature to be provided (equipment manufacturer, actual capacity, number and location of outlets, zones, controls and the like).
    • Price and payment schedule.
    • Inclusions and exclusions (power supply, supports/plinth, drainage, covers for exposed piping and wiring, cleanup, rubbish removal etc.).
    • Warranty period
    • Details of recommended servicing frequency as applicable.

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